When it comes to rebranding your product or business, there are a few important things to consider. Specifically, what are the motives behind wanting a new look – increased sales, a new target market, or is it simply just time for a change? Once you determine the why and work with your team to develop your new look, it’s time to reach out to your packaging partner to determine what comes next.

Speed to market will play an important role in the roll out of your rebrand. Will your new design and packaging be more complex than what you’re currently using? If so, plan for an adequate amount of time when ordering, to ensure you have your products packaged and on the shelves on time.  If you plan on taking a simpler approach with your new packaging, turn around will be quicker.

What substrate do you plan on using for your upgraded packaging? Specialty substrates can take more time. You will also need to match the caliper of the substrate to the content weight. It’s also important to think about sustainability. Is utilizing recycled content important for your customers and/or business goals? If being environmentally friendly is vital to your brand, also think about minimizing material used for your new packaging.

Your packaging is a necessary and cost-effective way to market your brand. Make sure it aligns with your new design to guarantee a successful release as you rebrand your product or logo. Talk with a trusted member of our team to get the ball rolling as you begin planning your refresh/rebrand for 2022.