There is something so special about taking a vision and partnering with others to bring it to life! Mankato Packaging had the great opportunity to partner with a family-owned, Minnesota-based business to create an elevated and refreshing packaging solution.

Crested River, a hemp supplier out of Morgan, MN, is the parent company of their new venture, Mini Soda. Combining Minnesota Nice with an extensive background in the industry, packaging for Mini Soda puts us in high spirits!

We connected with owner Shawn Weber to learn more about the inspiration behind Mini Soda, where they can be purchased, and what led him to work with our team on this project!

What inspired you to create this product?

Our parent company, Crested River, has been making cannabis-infused beverages and wanted to enter a new demographic. We created Mini Soda to provide an accessible, easy-drinking social beverage with natural ingredients and a light, refreshing profile. We expanded the Mini Soda offering shortly after launch to include mixed 12-packs.

Where can people purchase Mini Soda?

Mini Soda can be found at Mankato’s boutique hotel, Arch & Cable, our headquarters in Morgan, MN, on our website, and in various stores around the state. Our store finder is a great resource for those looking to enter high society!

What made you decide to work with Mankato Packaging for your product?

I chose Mankato Packaging because they are a local, assertive company that perfectly mixes professionalism and personability.

What is the best thing about working with a local company on your packaging?

Supporting the local economy and workers is important. Working with a local company also provides a little extra special service. It is convenient to be near each other for communication and changes.

How does Mankato Packaging help you feel confident in the packaging products you provide to your clients?

Packaging Mini Soda with Mankato Packaging’s help has been instrumental in consistently providing high-quality work we hold ourselves to. The team’s professionalism and their work helped provide our product with secure packaging.

The Mankato Packaging team was honored to work with Mini Soda and is grateful for Shawn’s trust in our team. We look forward to a continued partnership rooted in innovation, accessibility, and service!