We call ourselves experts in first impressions because that’s what product packaging is – your brand’s first opportunity to draw in a customer and keep them coming back. Mankato packaging offers innovative packaging solutions. Your boutique packaging experience includes a dedicated customer service representative that will guide you through each stage of your custom packaging process.

We’ve been creating first impressions for over 100 years. We’re glad you’re here, let’s tell your product’s story – together.

The MP Experience


You produce a great product. But your product packaging isn’t converting buyers. Low quality packaging, low impact design and lack of communication from your package supplier are common frustrations we hear from entrepreneurs.

Welcome to the Mankato Packaging Experience. Personalized attention and tailored solutions to meet your unique packaging needs.

Special requests or smaller batch sizes? We are flexible in accommodating custom orders and designs. With our boutique approach to printing custom cartons and folding packaging, we prioritize your project. High quality output and specialized knowledge result in packaging that truly reflects your brand’s personality, protects your products and drives sales.

Mankato Packaging is passionate about helping businesses thrive through innovative packaging solutions.

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