As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, a time known for cheer, green attire, and, most notably, beer, we at MP Packaging are taking a moment to reflect on our partnerships within the beer and soda industry. Our innovative packaging solutions have not only contributed to the festive spirit but also supported sustainability and creativity in beer and soda packaging with 100% recyclable paperboard and environmentally friendly inks. This St. Patrick’s Day, we’re proud to highlight our collaborations with brands such as Mankato Brewery, MiniSoda, Skip Day Seltzer, and MLLW.


Mankato BreweryMankato Brewery stands out with its distinctive packaging, drawing inspiration from video games, comics, pop culture, and a touch of playfulness that resonates with the entire team’s passion for gaming, comics, and lighthearted fun. Read more about our partnership here.


Mini SodaMankato Packaging has the privilege of collaborating with a family-run, Minnesota-based company to develop a sophisticated and invigorating packaging design for their THC soda packaging. The big impact of packaging on these mini cans brings to life their brand identity and brand awareness. Check out more about Mini Soda here.


Skip Day Seltzer– Mitch gives us a clue into how they wanted Skip Day Seltzers to stand out from the rest: “When we launched, we identified two unique selling perspectives that were missing in the market. First, the seltzer aisle is numbingly white and sans-serif heavy. Using bright colors to imply the amount of flavor present in our liquid was essential. Secondly, as we launched during COVID-19, we saw a common line between this better-for-you beverage category and the socio-cultural movements around self-care.” Read more about our partnership here.


MLLW – One of our newest partnerships is with MLLW. MLLW is a THC soda brand that trusted us with its packaging needs. Partnering with us gave their packaging the premium feel and look they wanted for their product. Check out more about our partnership here.


At MP Packaging, we’re honored to contribute to the beer and soda industry’s ongoing packaging projects, offering solutions that meet our clients’ aesthetic and functional needs and prioritize environmental responsibility. Our work with Mankato Brewery, MiniSoda, Skip Day Seltzer, and MLLW shows our dedication to excellence and commitment to helping businesses thrive with brand-consistent packaging. Cheers to a festive St. Patrick’s Day and to many more successful collaborations!

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