In our world of packaging, teamwork is what makes the dream work. At the heart of every successful product with great packaging lies a collaborative effort between packaging experts and creative minds. While our specialty is bringing your packaging visions to life with 100% recyclable paperboard and environmentally friendly inks, we know that graphic design plays a critical role. Mankato Packaging is proud to collaborate with multiple design agencies to place artwork on quality packaging for your business; choosing your design partner is very important. Let us share some valuable tips to help you select an invaluable asset for your product’s packaging!

  1. Brand Identity – When choosing a design agency, you’ll want to ensure that they fully know your brand and what you stand for. This will help them be able to design something that is unique and consistent with your brand’s imagery, colors, voice, and anything else you can think of!
  2. Research – If you are a new brand and do not have your brand identity down quite yet and are hoping for the design agency’s help, inquire about their process. How does the agency go about researching what appeals to your target audience and how can this be represented on your product’s packaging?
  3. Communication – Handling this type of creative task can be interpreted in a lot of different ways. There may be elements that you may want included in your design that you want the agency to work in. Ensuring that the agency is hearing your ideas, giving constructive feedback, and keeping you informed by working collaboratively with you is crucial to any partnership.
  4. Innovation – With many other products and designs out there, innovation and creativity can set your product apart from any others. Look for an agency that proves a willingness to push boundaries and explore new design concepts. Fresh ideas can enhance the appeal of your product and engage your target audience.
  5. Pricing – While keeping in mind quality, it is important to select an agency that is within your budget constraints. They should be transparent about their pricing, provide clear estimates, and be able to list any potential additional costs before continuing with the agency. Ensure you are selecting a partner that can balance their creativity within your means and doesn’t sacrifice design quality.

Selecting the right design agency for your packaging needs is crucial, especially when aiming to make your products stand out. At Mankato Packaging, we pride ourselves on our ability to work with your design team to create packaging that truly makes your business and products unique and compelling. We are committed to fostering partnerships that help you succeed in your business by setting you apart in today’s competitive market.

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