As we approach Veteran’s Day, we want to highlight one of our wonderful clients who honor our Veteran’s every day. Located in Providence RI, Sweet Mass Production, LLC (SMP) (dba manufactures military medals that are given to troops around the world for all their accomplishments. SMP’s mission is to “raise the quality standard of your hard-earned military awards and insignia.” This women-ran company is truly uncompromising when it comes to the quality of their medals – they want the military personnel who receive their 100% American Made medals, insignia, and memorabilia to feel the quality and dedication that went into their product.

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The SMP team.

Mankato Packaging produces the cartons that these medals are packaged in along with the inserts they are attached to – see both pictured below.

All the packaging we produce for SMP is printed on 100% recycled material! Our Customer Service & Sales specialist Mackenzie Drager had the opportunity to meet the women of SMP in May 2019 to get an insider’s view of this women-run business.  Mackenzie says this team is amazing to work with because they are super responsive and appreciative of their relationship with our team.

Mackenzie pictured second to the left.

A fun story about how we landed this amazing company as a customer. One of the four employees at the time was tasked with finding a carton supplier and she really didn’t have any idea about what she needed.  She called a few different companies and was hung-up on because she wasn’t sure how to articulate what it was that they needed.  She then found our website and called us! Mackenzie walked her through a few questions, and during the entire conversation, the SMP employee was so thankful that she wasn’t getting hung-up on again! This group is so thankful for our timeliness and responsiveness because with the Military work demands very strict deadlines.

Learn more about the great company at We also want to say Thank You to all the Veterans who have bravely and selflessly served our country!