When we find a customer who is just as committed to producing products that will cause as little harm to the environment as possible, we know we have found a good fit. This is exactly what happened with GreenOps Ammo. The GreenOps team came to us in February of 2018 looking for an eco-friendly package for their ammo. Here’s more about why this company was set on eco-friendly packaging.

Based in Williamsburg VA, this startup shotgun ammunition company is revolutionizing the shotgun shell industry. Founded by a group of marine scientists, chemists, and hunters, this team had a vision of creating a shotgun shell that contained no lead and had a wad (the outer casing) that was not made of plastic. After much hard word and dedication to their vision, they succeeded: “We use wads that are non-toxic and biodegradable on land and in water (including in the ocean). Moreover, our patented technology reduces visual pollution from the get-go and provides superior patterning relative to competitive products” (GreenOps).

One of the coolest thing about these patented shotgun wads is that they biodegrade on land and in water. Unlike other shotgun shells that are advertised as biodegradable,  the GreenOps wads completely biodegrade and do so faster than the leading competition.

One big source of inspiration for the creation of these biodegradable wads is the history of shotgun wads. Before they were made with plastic, “shotgun wads were all made from biodegradable materials such as felt, cork, or cardboard” (GreenOps).

As with our commitment to using 100% recyclable materials in our packaging, GreenOps is just as committed to being environmentally conscious as we are. We are so honored to work with a company that is literally changing the game for shotgun ammunition, and cannot wait to see what they produce in the future! See our ammunition packaging below.