At the end of May, Minnesota Democratic Gov. Tim Walz signed a bill to legalize recreational marijuana for people over the age of 21 starting in August, making Minnesota the 23rd state to legalize the substance for adults. With an increase in popularity, you need to make sure your packaging stands out from the rest of the competition. Get ahead of the game and refine your CBD/THC packaging plans!

Here are five tips to consider as you carefully consider your design:

  1. Your Promise: First off, do you know what your brand identity is and what your promise is to customers? If not, focus on a few considerations, such as key differentiators, why your products are better than the competition, the benefits of the products, and why you are the top choice.
  2. Understanding Your Target Market: Finding success in any industry starts with a good understanding of your target market. While recreational marijuana is only for those over 21, you should still hone in on the purpose behind your brand and how it plays into consumer trends. For instance, are you in a location where more young adults are engaging in the industry, or should you be thinking about an older demographic?
  3. Information Printing: Your custom boxes should include some vital information. From product identity to ingredients, types, amounts, cautions, warnings, quantity, and more, ensuring all your bases are covered is essential. Be transparent, accurate, and fulfill any necessary requirements.
  4. Innovative Designs: Besides grabbing the attention of buyers, making sure you stand out from the crowd is essential. Consider what sorts of designs represent your brand personality and ensure that typography, colors, and graphics align. We’re happy to help!
  5. Quality Material: Custom product packaging should be easy to handle and provide customers with a pleasant unboxing experience. Working with Mankato Packaging ensures your products are reliable and trustworthy. The durable and long-lasting quality of auto-bottom boxes are convenient and add extra support.

There’s no denying it, recreational marijuana is here. Now more than ever, the CBD/THC industry should be focusing on the best ways to sell their products. If that sounds like you, or you find yourself intrigued by how Mankato Packaging could help, we are happy to work with you! Always remember to approach your packaging with the customer’s needs in mind, and don’t be afraid to stay updated with industry happenings. We believe in the power of building brand credibility and expanding upon your customer base. Contact us today!