The American craft beer movement over the last decade has made huge waves in the beer production industry. As the number of privately owned, local breweries continues to rise throughout the nation, we have the honor of working with a great one: Intuition Ale Works from Jacksonville, Florida.

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Building Our Relationship

Our relationship with Intuition Ale Works began in 2017 when their Chief Operating Officer, Brad Lange submitted a “Get a Free Quote” form on our website. Our Customer Service team member, Mariah Wolfe, responded to the request and the fun began!

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Brad Lange and Mariah have worked together since 2017. Mariah says Brad is “extremely attentive, communicative and friendly. We very much enjoy printing their fun and vibrant cartons and following Brad and their team on the Intuition Ale Works social media channels for what’s happening in Jacksonville.” We are honored to have been featured on their Instagram in April of 2018 to showcase their variety packs featuring the Daybreak Gose.

Their Side of the Story

Brad kindly shared his story of how he chose us to partner with Intuition Ale Works for the launch of their seasonal variety 12-pack in 2017:

” Just over two years ago, we decided to launch a seasonal variety 12-pack that would be distributed in large grocery chains throughout northeast Florida. At the time, no other craft brewery based in Florida had ever produced a 12-pack. It was really hard for us to find the right packaging partner because we weren’t able to to rely on the usual “word of mouth” recommendations that breweries share with each other.
We decided to conduct a national search, and asked a dozen packaging companies for samples and pricing. I remember being immediately impressed with Mankato for several reasons. Their responsiveness and customer service was amazing. They were able to answer all of my questions very quickly and provided five or six different package templates for us to choose from. When I explained that the heat and humidity in Florida was often harsh on package materials, they helped us choose a material that would best withstand those extreme conditions. They also worked very closely with our artist to create a custom design template that would be easy to use.
We ran our first package in November 2017. Since then, Mankato has produced seven different branded 12-packs for us The feedback that we’ve received from customers has been tremendous. I can’t recommend Mankato highly enough. Their customer service is impeccable and the quality of their products is second to none. “

Thank you , Brad, for these kind words! We are so honored to work with you and the Intuition Ale Works team, and look forward for many more projects to come.

Our Projects

One of our favorite things about working with Intuition Ale Works is the fun and creative packaging designs that we can help them create for their twelve pack of 12 oz. cans
that incorporate their original, seasonal artwork for the Summer, Fall, and Winter.

An element that makes working with Intuition Ale Works and other craft beer breweries so rewarding is that we truly feel like part of the team. On every project we have completed with this amazing team, our opinions have been valued, and the working atmosphere is always fun, inspiring, and respectful – even from thousands of miles away.

If you are thinking of starting your own craft brewery, or maybe you have one and are ready to make the move to liquor store sales, contact us or submit a quote request form and we will reach out to discuss how our packaging solutions and design team will help you to stand out on the shelf.