We get it. Between each party or gathering are increased business orders, tasks, and items to manage. The sheer volume and demand of the holiday season can often overshadow the joy and excitement we hope to feel. With multiple key dates coming up, having a clear, organized shipping strategy is crucial in ensuring the best experience for your customers.

Luckily, our team has curated a handy checklist to help you feel prepared for peak shipping season. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

  1. Forecast The Rush – The holiday (shopping) storm is coming, so we recommend diving into current buyer trends and examining your industry habits around the fall and winter seasons. Look at prepping your inventory and updating your site to reflect stock.
  2. Stay Sustainable – According to Forbes (2022), “Reports say 82% of shoppers want brands to embrace sustainable and people-first practices, and Gen-Z is leading the charge.” With over 90% of receipts by weight being distributed as finished goods or recycled, Mankato Packaging knows how to rethink packaging to reduce the environmental impact.
  3. Plan Your Packaging – Holiday orders and packaging can have a great return on investment, but only if you plan for it. The good news is, there is still time to curate your holiday packaging! Contact us today for a FREE sample and make the most of creative designs and high-quality solutions to help your products shine.
  4. Express Expectations – Arguably, the most critical piece of the puzzle is communication with your customers. From shipping policies to delivery timelines, costs, and communication methods, using clear and consistent language will help you build trust and further improve the customer experience.
  5. Expect + Accommodate Changes – Don’t neglect the inevitable barrage of mistakes, questions, and returns. Instead, take advantage of order notifications and assist by updating order mistakes or refunding when necessary.

No matter how hard you work, you’ll never be a superhero. It’s just a fact. Know how to slow down and give yourselves grace during a hectic season. Celebrate your passions, acknowledge your strengths, and remember: the most important thing to consider when creating holiday packaging is how you want it to make your customers feel. If your packaging resonates with them, you’ve done your job.