The start of a new year often brings with it new goals, resolutions, and changes. At Mankato Packaging, we’re committed to maintaining our strengths while also looking forward to changing with the world of packaging. Read more to find out what makes Mankato Packaging a reputable source for your packaging needs. 

  1. All Services In One Building – With local access, you can be sure we’re always available. 
  2. Well-tenured Staff – Our team is dedicated and committed to the work we do for you. 
  3. Personal Service – We strive to have a single point of contact available for each client. 
  4. Small Lot Capabilities – From 1,000 – 80,000 pieces, we ensure products are delivered on time. 
  5. Flexibility – We work with you for your specific delivery, ordering, etc. 
  6. Local Connections – We work with multiple partners in the area for contingency needs. 
  7. Sustainable Practices – Over 90% of receipts by weight are distributed as finished goods or recycled.  
  8. Efficient – You can expect digital scheduling, timely invoicing, and effective ERP for historical data. 
  9. Commitment – For over 100 years, our business has been serving the community. 

We at Mankato Packaging can honestly say we love what we do. We look forward to the chance to grow and refine our business in the new year while sticking to our core beliefs and principles. From new technologies to new partnerships and capabilities, a lot will inevitably change in the coming months. Our team will be ready and working to discover ways to better ourselves as a team for you.