As you begin planning out your organizations packaging needs in the new year, there are a few important things to consider. The pandemic has created a plethora of changes when it comes to nearly all aspects of any business, including your packaging. As you kick off 2022, take into consideration these five factors.

1. Supply chain challenges may continue to extend raw material lead time, whether it’s a domestic or international order.  Give yourself enough time to design, order, and ship your packaging, well before it’s needed.

2. At Mankato Packaging, we plan + schedule client orders on a first come first serve basis. The sooner you’re able to get your packaging finalized, the sooner we can begin production and have it delivered to you.

3. It’s important to note that complex projects can take 2-4 weeks of planning time before we can schedule it for production and print. This is in addition to our typical lead times for a project.

4. Even with a simpler packaging option, raw material lead times with no challenges is typically around 6 weeks (unless it’s in stock). This means the sooner you can get your order in for 2022, the better. Especially if you’re launching a new product or rebrand.

5. We consistently stress that better planning always nets better results. Don’t push back release dates because of improper planning. Clear and consistent communication with our team will ensure that you meet your organization’s deadlines and goals.

Get the ball rolling for your 2022 projects by getting in contact with our team. Opening a line of communication and getting your packaging needs on our radar will keep you + us on track. Head to our website to learn more about our practices and to contact our team.