One of the things we are most proud of about the packaging we produce is the eye-catching design and functionality of every project we work on. Our design team, Whitney Roman and Joe Krenik, are the talent behind the scenes. Whitney is our Design and Prepress Specialist, and Joe is our Structural Designer. We are excited to share more with you about this awesome team so you can get to know the talent behind your packaging!

How long have you been working at Mankato Packaging?

Whitney: One year

Joe: I have been with Mankato Packaging since June of 2020.

Tell us about your education and experience!

Whitney: I have worked in the printing industry for 20 years.

Joe: I am a May 2020 graduate from the University of Wisconsin – Stout and have a degree in Packaging with a minor in Print Management.

What do you love most about designing packaging for our customers?

Whitney: I like to see an order start as an idea and work into an actual product.

Joe: My favorite thing about designing packages is being able to create something from 2D to 3D. I think it is a fun challenge to try and create something that the customer will be extremely happy about, as well as being able to see my designs in stores.

What is your role in the design process?

Whitney: I create the art and proofs for our customers.

Joe: I am the Structural Designer at Mankato Packaging. With my designs, I create them to work on our machine as effective and efficiently as possible while meeting or exceeding the customer’s needs and wants. I also oversee the jobs that will be ran in prepress to ensure everything is all set before production.

What is your favorite pastime/hobby?

Whitney: Gardening if I can sneak some time for myself. Movie nights with the kids, if I can’t.

Joe: When I am not at work, you can usually find me outdoors, fishing, baking, working out, or traveling.

What is your favorite brand packaging and why?

Whitney: I like product packaging for cosmetics. They usually have their own unique box design along with great layout and design aesthetics.

Joe: One of my favorite brands of packaging would be Coca-Cola. This is because of all the new and innovative packaging designs from the Point of Purchase displays to the iconic bottle itself.


We hope you enjoyed getting to know our talented design team a little bit better!