Regardless of the industry you create products for, every producer of goods has one thing in common: they need packaging to sell their products in. At Mankato Packaging, we value every customer we have; from Fortune 500 companies to local breweries, we are proud to create custom packaging for a variety of company sizes in diverse industries.

To highlight a few of the companies we work with, we provide you with the examples below of industries and companies that we currently create packaging for:

Automotive Parts

Medical Supplies

Consumer Goods

Sporting Goods


With such a diverse client base – each with unique products and packaging needs – we focus on keeping these things constant: caring customer service, team collaboration, high-quality packaging, and on-time delivery. By focusing on these four areas of service, we are able to ensure that every customer we have gets the attention they deserve, and that the packaging we produce for them protects their product and attracts more customers to help them build their business!

If you are looking for a partner in packaging, we encourage you to reach out to our team today to get a free quote!