It’s not often that we face a year with as many surprises and hurdles to overcome as we did this year. We had to adopt a renewed focus on personal health while adapting to a new professional landscape. Yes, this year was a tough one, but it also allowed us to come together and support one another in ways we never have before. For the Mankato Packaging team, we experienced growth, change, and unparalleled support from our customers. On this note, we dedicate this post to the customers who stood by us, who continued to put your trust in us to produce the high-quality packaging you have always expected from our team, and who showed us grace as we worked diligently to keep up with demand while also focusing on keeping our employees safe.

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We came together as a team to discuss everything we appreciate about our incredible customers and want to share some of our heartfelt “THANK YOU’S!” with you today.

We are thankful that you were able to stay safe during this time of Covid.

We thank you for trusting and supporting us as a local manufacturer.

We thank our longtime customers and the new ones who came to us this year. Our growing relationships are not taken for granted.

Our entire team is hopeful that we will be able to have visitors at our office soon! We value meeting face-to-face and deeply miss those interactions.

With all the challenges this year, we are looking forward to continuing our relationships in 2021 as we all work through this year. We are confident that there are brighter (albeit colder) months ahead😊

On behalf of our entire team, we want to wish you a safe, happy, and healthy holiday season and we cannot wait to continue building strong and lasting relationships with each and every customer we have the honor of working with. Cheers to a new year coming soon!